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Heart rate variability system
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Device for air - ionic therapy

Heart rate variability test system

The heart rate variability test system is designed to assess a person's health status by analyzing a pulse wave registered by a special sensor.
The result of the analysis is complex estimation of functional systems and detect irregularities in human health:
measuring the level of stress, spectral analysis of RR-intervals, a measure of pulse wave velocity and other parameters.
Apparatus AcuTone1000 is intended to provide therapeutic effects in the human body by middle-intensity electromagnetic modulated Ultra High Frequency waves. Carrier frequency 1000 MHz.
AcuImage-01 device represent a high-voltage pulse generator is designed for electro and air-ions therapy and diagnostics, based on visualization of acupoints by means of their illumination using the high-voltage corona discharge.

HRV diagnosis by modern digital technology, can reliably and objectively to evaluate the real status of functional systems of the body. Apparatus AcuTone1000 has ability to act on water molecules due to electromagnetic waves of increased power and creation of resonant vibrations. Ionic relaxator AcuImage 01 for the procedures of aeroionic therapy, contactless electro and visualization of acupoints with the lowest electrical resistance.

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