Health, wellbeing and rejuvenation

Design and manufacture of devices for the rehabilitation of health and rejuvenation

Computer pulse diagnosis system

Device for the treatment and prevention of depression, nervousness, insomnia, relieve pain syndromes Patent

Device for air - ionic therapy

Electro massage device

Computer pulse diagnosis system designed for complete diagnostics of person's health by means of the pulse wave's analysis taken off by the special sensor. The result of analysis is a complex estimation of functional systems and revealing all derangement in person's health.
Infralight TRANSURFER - individual device to relieve physical and psychological stress, for the treatment and prevention of depression, nervousness, insomnia, relieve pain syndromes. InfraLight Transurfer designed to create a flow of specific energy-information influence.

AcuImage-01 device is designed for electro and air-ions therapy and diagnostics, based on visualization of acupoints. The device provides timely diagnostics, non-invasive and harmless medical research method. Elmas - 5 device is designed for electromassage and dynamic electrostimulation of the spine zone, joints and muscles. The treatment to render anesthetic effect during rehabilitation after spinal traumas and pain syndrome. Special design of electrodes to create effect of "traveling wave" pulses to the spine…

LED Helmet for light therapy

Anti diabetic belt

Laser relaxator

Anti parasites device  ZP1000

LED Helmet for light therapy.
Using the power of a full-color LED Light Therapy device is the natural and healthy way to solve many problems.
Diabetes symptom relief by optical radiation and electromagnetic field belt.

Laser relaxator LR 2000 is a multi-functional device, which uses the combined influence of light of red, yellow, green and blue areas of a spectrum, as well as local air decompression to amplify the bio-stimulation effect of infrared laser radiation. The design of the device allows to carry out procedures of Low Level Laser Therapy, Light Emitting Diode Therapy, Laser Barotherapy, and Musical Laser Therapy, including combinations thereof. ElectroPulse device is designed for active bioresonance therapy by Dr. Hilda Clark and Dr. Alan E. Baklayan methods. The device is used for preventive and treatment of various diseases caused by helminths, protozoa, bacteria, viruses, mites and other parasites.

Air ionizer  Piramide - B

Electro-Photonic Lipolysis device  EFL8000

Infrasonic frequencies of sound and light therapy device

Electro-Photonic Lipolysis device EFL8000 is LED&ElectroPulse system. High power LED waves and electro pulses affect hypodermic layers and dissolve the cells of fat...
Infrasonic frequencies of sound and light therapy device.

Computer pulse diagnosis, device for air - ionic therapy, Helmet for light therapy, anti - diabetic belt The site features new technologies and devices designed to restore health and mental balance.

VIDEO DEVICES Chinese pulse diagnosis. На сайте предлагаются новые технологии и устройства, предназначенные для восстановления здоровья и душевного равновесия: Computer pulse diagnosis , combining centuries-old experience of Oriental medicine and modern digital technology, can reliably and objectively to evaluate the real status of all functional systems of the body. Database of foods, herbs , biologically active additives incorporated into the program helps to get personal recommendations on the improvement and application of specific medications, providing high efficiency of their action. Ionic relaxer AcuImage 01 for the procedures of aeroionic therapy, contactless electro and symbolize the points with the lowest electrical resistance. Intrasitive of Transerfer - individual device to relieve physical and psychological stress. Policity led helmet light therapy. EFL8000 apparatus for carrying out the procedure of lipolysis - breakdown of fat. Electromagnetic belt for the treatment of diabetes mellitus Laser relaxer LR 2000

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