Laser relaxator LR 2000

LR 2000

Laser relaxator LR 2000 is intended for physiotherapeutic procedures when treating or preventing different diseases. When using it, the treatment effect shall be reached due to complex effect of laser and optical irradiation, constant magnetic field and local air decompression. Laser relaxator LR 2000 is a universal means having a healing bio-stimulation effect on interior organs, blood, biological tissues and skin due to the increase of energy amount in the cells and their functional activity. Besides, blood microcirculation is activated, its rheological properties increase, the imuno-stimulation goes on and an effective anti-inflammation and anaesthetisation effect is made.

Structure and Composition of Relaxator LR 2000

Laser relaxator LR 2000 consists of a drive unit with a mounted decompresser, laser-optical probe, set of optic-magnetic tips and a baromassage applicator. Laser-optical probe is connected to a unit by connection wire and connector. The electronic unit provides electrical feeding and control of operation mode of the laser-optical probe. Mounted decompresser ensures air rarefy and applicator's vibration in the radiation exposed areas. The drive unit is supplied with light and sound indication.

Technical Characteristics LR 2000

Irradiator type Combined semiconductor
Mode of operation Continuous / modulated
Laser wavelength, nm 810
RED LED wavelength, nm 660
YELLOW LED wavelength, nm 610
GREEN LED wavelength, nm 530
BLUE LED wavelength, nm 470
Power of laser radiation, mW 10 to 100
Timer Programmable 1 min - 59 min 00 sec
Decompresser productivity, l/min 1.6
Noise level, dB Not more than 50
Mains voltage, V 110/120/220/230
Power consumption, W 35
Total weight of the apparatus, kg 4

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