Laser devices LR2000 and NUR01 is applied in the following fields of medicine:

Cardiology - therapy of stenocardy, hypertony and ischemic heart disease (non-invasive blood irradiation, laser reflexotherapy).
Traumatology - restoration laser therapy of traumas: wounds, fractures, burns, etc. (magnetic-laser therapy, LED therapy).
Orthopedy - laser therapy of arthrosis, arthritis, osteochondrosis (magnetic-laser therapy, non-invasive blood irradiation, laser baromassage).
Otolaryngology - therapy of chronic LOR pathology (external irradiation, non-invasive blood irradiation, LED therapy).
Stomatology - laser-magnetic therapy and LED therapy of stomatological pathology.
Cosmetology - laser therapy for making younger of face, neck, decollete skin and smoothing of wrinkles, treatment of cellulitis (magnetic-laser therapy, laser baromassage, LED therapy).
Neuropathology - laser therapy in case of osteochondrosis, neuralgia, myositis (magnetic-laser therapy, laser baromassage, laser reflexotherapy, LED therapy).
Sport Medicine - healing of traumas (concussions, strokes, straining), prevention of tiredness before competition, restoration of the state after intensive physical loads (magnetic-laser irradiation, laser baromassage, non-invasive blood irradiation).

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