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Infrasonic frequencies of sound and light therapy device - IFSL01


The purpose

Hardware physiotherapy complex IFSL 01 is designed for the procedures of infrasound and light therapy in the treatment of various diseases through non-invasive, transcutaneous impact on the liquid structure of the body and providing General regulating influence on the physiological systems of the body. Under the influence of light-infrasonic waves of the apparatus are caused by biochemical reactions, aimed at restoring the disturbed functions of the organs, thin structures, cell membranes, intercellular fluid and is controlled Energo-informational human homeostasis.


Brief technical description

Structurally, the device consists of three main parts -  hour on which is mounted the radiator and the electronic control unit and control. The electronic unit is a generator of infrasonic harmonic frequencies of the electrical signals with different modes of operation. The unit is equipped with a timer , as well as light and sound alarm.
The electronic unit has three basic modes of operation:

1 - work in manual control mode.
In this mode, the signal frequency is set manually using the control knob FREQUENCY on the front panel of the device.

2 - the mode automatically changes frequency.
In this mode produces a smooth change in signal frequency in the range from minimum to maximum values for a particular algorithm. It is also possible to set three different rate of change of frequency. The mode of automatic control and setting the rate of change of frequency is carried out by the authorities control  MODE on the front panel.

3 - mode external control.
In this operating mode, the device connects an external source of electric control signal with the appropriate frequency. This can be a computer or any other device. The transition to this mode is made by the toggle switch on the rear panel of the device there is also a connector for an external signal.

In all modes of operation, the output power of the electrical signal is adjusted by the control knob  POWER. The emitter is connected to the connector on the rear panel of the electronic unit via cable. The location of the emitter height can be adjusted with the rotary knob on the front. The stand itself moves easily across the floor through the wheels, one of which with brake for fixing the rack in position.  

Main technical specifications


1. The range manually set the frequency

2. Automatic frequency change
(the generation of the sweep)

3. From an external signal source

12 - 100 Hz

13 - 30 Hz (64 steps)

 5 - 300 Hz
  The settling time mode   30 s
   The speed of change of frequency   0.25; 1; 2 Hz
  The diameter of the outlet of the radiator   100 mm
  The maximum sound pressure level   SPL 85 dB
  The sound pressure level at a frequency of 13 - 30 Hz and direct contact with the body of a patient   SPL 50 dB
  Maximum sound power   150 W RMS
   Wavelength optical radiation   650nm - 660nm
  The maximum power of the optical radiation   400 mW
  Timer   5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 45, 60 min
 The adjustment range of the position of the emitter height   160 mm
  The supply voltage   220 V, 50 Hz
  Weight (without counterweight)   18 kg
  Counterbalance weight   16 kg
  Maximum power consumption   250 W
  Dimensions   1300 X 1000 X 400 mm
  Climatic conditions apparatus:  

Ambient temperature
Relative humidity at a temperature  +25°C

from +10°C to +30°C
up 80%

Working order

The device is a network switch on the front panel lights up when the built-in toggle switch the light source and the red STOP led. In the moment of switching on short beeps after 30 seconds, the unit is ready for operation.

Control knobs on the front panel sets the operation mode and sets the time until the end of the procedure.

For the procedure infrasound and light therapy the outlet of the radiator is directed to the affected area on the body of the patient in the supine position or sitting in a comfortable posture, freeing previously from the service areas of the body subject to exposure.

When pressing the START button IFSL01 green led lights up, sounds enable signal radiation and powerful harmonic electric signal supplied to the emitter.
The emitter generates infrasound air waves and the flow of optical radiation red light, which are sent to the affected area and provide comprehensive physiotherapy action.

After a specified time of the procedure, the device is automatically disabled if this sounds signal the end of the procedure, the led START goes out and STOP led lights up.
The procedure can be aborted by pressing the STOP button.
After the machine off the network switch.



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