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InfraLight TRANSURFER - device to relieve physical and psychological stress

InfraLight TRANSURFER   (ILT-01)

Infralight TRANSURFER - individual device to relieve physical and psychological stress, for the treatment and prevention of depression, nervousness, insomnia, relieve pain syndromes, as well as sessions TRANSURFING. InfraLight Transurfer designed to create a flow of specific energy-information influence.

The principle is based on the integrated use of three factors - infrared light radiation, low-intensity pulsed electromagnetic field, the frequency of the Schumann resonance to activate the alpha rhythms of the brain and psycho-emotional actions of affirmations. (Instead of affirmations can be used mantras, prayers or hypnotic sessions).

Infralight TRANSURFER generates a modulated near infrared radiation to a visible spectrum of sunlight. Such low-intensity radiation can penetrate biological tissue, provides a soft physiotherapeutic effect. At the same time, the device contributes to specific changes in brain activity, providing a slight "slip" of consciousness to improve the psycho-emotional background and strengthening positive attitudes in the subconscious of the person, thereby increasing the effectiveness of positive mental broadcasts energies and vibrations in the surrounding world, causing a response favorable reaction. Under the action of the device are synchronized internal rhythms of a person with beneficial frequencies set by Nature. This approximates to the natural state of man, maintaining a healthy frequency component of the biofield.

Regular sessions of the application Infralight TRANSURFER provide strengthening adaptation capacities and unconscious development of intuition that underpins effective way traffic to their goals in the space of choices of free choice behavior.

The basis of operation of the device based on a technology that allows you to generate a complex sequence of pulses of infrared radiation, saturated frequencies of the Schumann resonance and synchronized with the audio signal, in combination with linguistic influence.

The device creates a unique energy-information flow, the structure of which contains a natural resonant frequency of the electromagnetic oscillations of the Earth's field, low-intensity infrared radiation and the audio signal reproducing affirmations from internal memory to the background amplitude-modulated white noise.

As is known, the natural electromagnetic field at the Earth's surface has a pronounced resonance structure. This is due to the formation of a standing electromagnetic waves of low frequencies between the Earth's surface and the ionosphere. The development of all life on Earth was going on in the background continuously existing resonant electromagnetic oscillations, which was defined by a synchronization signal for all organisms. Thus, Nature has created a permanent encoded in the frequency signal, which helps configure for optimal health.

Scientific studies have shown that in relation to man these frequencies coincide with the frequencies of brain waves . It was found that the oscillation frequency of the first harmonic field is located on the border between the alpha and theta rhythms of the human brain.

As the result of human activity has a huge number of artificial sources of electromagnetic radiation and the electromagnetic background in the area of human habitation has changed radically. Modern city dwellers are immersed in artificial chaotic field of electromagnetic energy, and high-profile support in the form of certain rhythms or natural frequency of the pulsations of the Earth is broken. This leads to misalignment of the functional systems of the human body and the appearance of certain symptoms of diseases, including neuropsychiatric and cardiovascular diseases.

The device can be used as an effective physiotherapeutic means of infrared light therapy in addition to traditional methods of treatment.
The device can be used to influence on drinking water.


ILS set The set consists of an electronic control unit with an infrared emitter, battery charger and compact headphones to hear audio. The device has a built-in buzzer minimum charge level of the battery and the circuit breaker.
The card Micro SD contains software for energo - informational influence.


On the front panel of the instrument are membrane switch buttons 1 - "ON" and off 2 - OFF.
At the bottom end of the device there are connectors for connecting the charger 3 and headphones 4 .
On the side there is a slot for fixing the micro-memory card 5 Micro SD 1 Gb.
On the working side of the electronic unit is an optical lens infrared emitter 6.


the type emitter Semiconductor
Mode Modulated
The wavelength of the primary radiation, nm 875 +-30
The wavelength of the additional radiation, nm 650 +-30
Maximum optical power, mW 25
Power supply built-in Li-polymer battery
Battery power, mAh 830
Duration of continuous operation without battery charging,h 8
The time the battery is full, h 2
Weight, g 70
Dimensions, mm 80 x 48 x 22
InfraLight TRANSURFER applies to the personal portable electrical devices powered by an internal battery.

Examples of affirmations and mantras


Russian (increased generation of waves of Schumann)


Mantra 1

Mantra 2


Device for the treatment and prevention of depression, nervousness, insomnia, relieve pain syndromes



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